Saturday, July 05, 2008

2008 Infiniti QX56 2WD

2008 Infiniti QX56 2WD
Before deciding on a new car it is important to do your homework and find out what costs you can expect. The 2008 Infiniti QX56 2WD Sport Utility has a Suggested Retail Price of $52,450 and include destination charges of $815. Research how packages, features and options impact the total cost of your vehicle. 1

There's a chance the Infiniti QX56 will not go down in history as the best-looking vehicle from the big sport utility era. Even with its 2008 revisions, it looks almost as awkward as its name sounds, but it does all the things a large SUV should. 2

The Infiniti QX56 features a Automatic transmission and Two Wheel Drive drivetrain on the base model QX56. This car is not for the average consumer. With the QX56 2WD Sport Utility coming with a sticker price of $52,450.00 you must be the kind of person who is looking for either elite level comfort or outstanding performance. If you require both, then you are heading in the right direction. When spending this much money, you need to make sure you take your time to research every aspect of the car. 3

The interior of the Infiniti QX56 is luxuriously decked out with leather appointed, heated front and second-row seating and leather and polished aluminum trim. The ergonomically designed instrument panel is enhanced with voice recognition as well as Infiniti's touch screen enabled Hard Drive System. Infiniti's Music Box system allows storage for a maximum of 2,900 selections while the Bose 12-speaker sound system offers high quality sound which is tuned to the acoustics of the cabin.

Infiniti has gone above and beyond in the QX56 by offering standard features such as power vent windows for third-row passengers, front and rear climate controls, overhead storage, a second console for mid-cabin passengers and 12 beverage holders throughout the vehicle. The 2008 QX56 also offers the driver a heated steering wheel, illuminated keyless entry, and a Bluetooth-capable phone system.

For the starting price, of $52,450, the 2008 Infiniti QX56 does provide value that exceeds that of the Land Rover Sport for its lack of standard amenities. And, though it only offers a slightly better mpg rating of 12 city and 18 highway, it is definitely a better choice.

The 2008 Infiniti QX56 comes as one fully loaded model. You need only choose between two-wheel drive ($52,250) and all-wheel drive ($55,350). The 5.6-liter V8 is rated at 320 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque, and the transmission is a five-speed automatic with a manual shiftgate. The all-wheel-drive system includes a low range.

The QX56 has a 60/40 split third row seat with more than ample leg- and headroom for the average-size adult. The seats also fold flat at the touch of a button. This clever design easily outshines third-row concepts found in other SUVs.

Safety features include the latest generation front airbags that deploy at different rates depending on crash severity and occupant seatbelt use. Side-impact airbags are provided for torso protection for the front-seat passengers. Full-cabin curtain airbags come standard for improved head protection for passengers in all three rows and they deploy in case of a rollover. A rearview video system comes standard: When the transmission is in reverse, this system displays on the navigation screen the view from a camera mounted above the rear license plate; it can help the driver see if an object or child is behind the vehicle. All QX56 models have active head restraints for the front row. Also standard are a tire-pressure monitor, antilock brakes with brake assist and electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control, and electronic stability control.

The QX56 may be the best tool this side of an 18-wheeler for clearing slower traffic out of the left lane. Spying one in a rearview mirror closing rapidly will inspire most drivers to get out of the way. It's not any one aspect but the combination.

The frontal view may not be its most flattering angle, but it does embody massiveness. Or the huge black intake vent embedded in the bumper above the grille. Infiniti says the front fascia and fog lights are changed for 2008, but they look very much the same as they always have. The grille is changed, with the same four-bar waterfall effect but now with numerous chrome nubs between the bars.

The side view broadcasts a similar message. On most vehicles, the popular practice among stylists is to wrap ever thinner tires around ever bigger wheels, with an eye to communicating sportiness. The QX56 delivers on this with 60-series tires on 20-inch wheels. For 2008, 20-inch wheels became standard, in place of 18-inch wheels.

Other improvements for 2008 include new front foglights, new roofrack, standard 20x8J chromed aluminum-alloy wheels and heavy-duty P275/60R20 Michelin tires, and two new exterior colors -- Lakeshore Slate and Serengeti Sand. The interior also comes in two new colors, with new trim and wood designs. The Burr-Brown audio system with 9.5-gigabyte Music Box hard-drive and compact flash slot for playing MP3 files is standard.

The 2008 QX56 is a great-looking SUV with significant improvements over its predecessor. The exterior is beefy with refinement, though the interior is just a step under the luxury appeal. In the end, it's the terrific power and handling that easily make up the difference. The 4WD QX56's suggested MSRP starts out at $55,350 or you can get the 2WD with the same engine and same five-speed automatic transmission for around $52,250.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 Electric Cars

5 Electric Cars
Is the world yearning for an affordable electric car? Electric vehicle enthusiasts believe so, maintaining that the electric car is the answer if we really desire clean, sustainable mobility. In recent years, low volume electric cars have come and gone amid much controversy and speculation. The problem now, as then, is the battery. Storing the energy needed to propel something as large as a passenger car for any distance requires serious battery power…and despite intensive research and development, a powerful but inexpensive battery does not yet exist.

Until that battery breakthrough comes, there is a class of low speed electric vehicles using conventional, and affordable, lead-acid batteries that can partially fill the void. Here, we present five readily available examples priced for $6,800 to $24,000:

Cadillac CTS

Cadillac CTS
BMW and Mercedes-Benz have long been considered by many to set the standard in the sport-sedan category. But this month a newly redesigned Cadillac outscored cars from both of the German automakers in our 2008 upscale sport sedan review in our 2008 upscale sport sedan review, earning high marks for agility, powertrain, and refinement.

The 2008 Cadillac CTS beat out the BMW 328i and the redesigned Mercedes-Benz C300 in our upscale sport-sedan group. It also outscored the freshened Saab 9-3.

While the CTS vaults past most competitors, the Infiniti G35 and Acura TL still outscore it and lead the 2008 upscale sport sedan class in our Ratings.
Upscale sport sedans emphasize style and performance more than traditional luxury cars. They tend to have less interior room and ride more firmly, but they have better steering and nimbler handling, which makes them fun to drive.

While German cars have historically dominated this category, more recent offerings from Acura, Infiniti, and Lexus have proven their worth. Now the CTS gives them a run for their money.

The new CTS carries over the taut ride and agile handling of the previous model and is now more refined. There are more safety features and interior amenities in the new model. Fit and finish is greatly improved, and the interior is much more pleasant than in the outgoing car. Our tested CTS had the base 263-horsepower, 3.6-liter engine, which was the top offering in the previous model. Also offered is a stronger 304-hp, direct-injection version.
In this group, the Cadillac, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz are all rear-wheel-drive cars; the Saab sends its power to the front wheels. But in catering to the needs of drivers in northern climates, each vehicle in this test is available with optional all-wheel drive. That gives significantly better traction, but we found in our 2008 upscale sport sedan review that the extra weight and friction of the additional drivetrain components often has a slight negative impact on fuel economy and acceleration.

Two models in this test are recommended. The 328i and 9-3 both have average or better reliability as of late. The reliability of the redesigned CTS and C300 is unknown, so we can't recommend either vehicle.

For this 2008 upscale sport sedan review, we tested the most-common versions of the CTS, 3 Series, and C-Class, whose prices range from $37,325 for the C300 to $40,835 for the CTS. More powerful and luxurious versions of those cars can easily add thousands to their prices. For the Saab 9-3, we chose the comparably priced Aero version.

There will be new competition in this category soon: Audi will introduce a redesigned A4 later this year as a 2009 model. The current A4 is a strong competitor in this market and is available in both front- and all-wheel drive. Audi says the new A4 will be longer, with more rear -seat space, which answers one criticism of the current model.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tips To Save Money on Car Parts and Maintenance

Here the tips
1. A well tuned car can has a fuel consumption from 25% to 33% lower than a poorly tuned car making a tune-up cheaper than driving without it, tuning your car for better performance can save you between $150 and $250 per year.

2. Regardless of the number of miles the manual recommends a oil change and filter change you should change them every 3,000 miles. This is one of the most important factors in your engine's life since it's going to prolong your engine's life and you're going to save on engine car parts. The potential savings are $500 to $3000.

3. Dirty air filter means more gasoline used and reduces the engine's life so you should check it regularly, maybe monthly. The air filter can be cleaned by blowing it with a hose or can be replaced. You can save about $130 per year..

4. Using steel-belted radial tires can increase the number of miles you make per year by up to 10%, saving this way about $130 per year.

5. Most cars, don't work better on premium gas, so, unless your car is pinging or knocking you shouldn't use higher octane gas. If your car doesn't have a high performance engine, using the gas that best suits your car's engine can save you $200 to $400 per year.

6. Having under inflated tires makes your engine burn about 6% more gas so make sure you check your tire pressure regularly.

7. If your tires are improperly balanced the tread on them will be destroyed. In addition, your suspension and shock absorbers can be damaged leading to more expense on car parts and service. Balancing your tires once a year can add thousands of miles to their life.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe

Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe

Quick and FUN to drive!
by Jon Henry Miller from Seabrook,Tx 77586 (8/30/07)
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Pros: Best handling yet of the Mustangs. Awsome colors to choose from .Shaker 1000 stereo(option)GREAT!
Cons: No automatic door locks when car put in drive. No automatic headlights for dark

This car is Big Bang for the bucks. The 300 H.P. really gets you going quick and the 5-speed manual tranny is a easy shifter. The new body lines really added class to this American Muscle car. Handling has improved tremendously from the earlier generations. This car is FUN to drive!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Before Mazda presented the Hakaze concept in Geneva, we had the opportunity to drive this “crossover coupe,” which will serve as the basis for a new SUV in late 2009. The Hakaze is the third in a series of design-related concept cars that began with the Nagare (at last fall's L.A. show) and the Ryuga (Detroit).
Mazda Hakaze Concept - John Lamm, Road & Track

The Hakaze — which is Japanese for “wind blowing through leaves of a tree” — was shaped at Mazda's European design center in Germany. It was inspired by the kite-surfing culture, with long “sail doors” that open upward 45 degrees, while the glasshouse cabin gives an exceptional feel of freedom. In a nod to the young beach crowd, the four seats are covered with neoprene, while the dash and rectangular steering wheel are very futuristic looking. The center console does without a single button; instead, a wavy sandpaper surface includes sensor-controlled functions — soft lights indicate their status. This doesn't only look cool, it's also easy to use and, according to Mazda, is cheap to produce.

Riding on a shortened all-wheel-drive CX-7 platform, the Hakaze was fully operational for our drive, its 258-bhp turbocharged 4-cylinder delivering solid acceleration and great sounds. The driver's seating position at mid-car will certainly not make it into production, but Mazda states that the Hakaze's dimensions — and some of its design cues — will be part of that new SUV for 2009.